Known as "creepyknees" online, Lyle Peele is a writer, digital cartoonist, and comics creator with a passion for telling stories. He creates heartwarming pieces focusing on emotion, narrative and character influence, and LGBT+ stories.


Most known for his work on fan comics, Lyle aspires to create full original works in the coming years. You can currently find Lyle at many conventions in the state of North Carolina, where he lives. (Online store coming soon!)

2019 Convention Dates:

  • NC Comic Con, March 15-17

  • Playthrough Gaming Con, March 30-31

  • Collective Con, April 19-21

  • Animazement, May 24-26

  • Galaxycon Richmond, May 31-June 2

  • GamgaCon, June 8

  • Florida SuperCon, July 4-7

  • Raleigh SuperCon, July 25-28